Insurance companies usually do not cover the cost for treatment of your TMJ problem. They will however, cover blood tests and MRIs (sometimes pre-approval through medical insurance is required for MRIs). Payment for our diagnostic services is due at time of your visit. Payment options include check, credit card, or cash.

We are happy to discuss the cost of your initial visit upon calling the office.


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Dr. Gottesman is a renowned orofacial pain, TMJ disorder diagnostician and general dentist. At his dental office, you are always greeted with a warm welcome.



"I consider Dr. Gottesman to be a genius of jaws.  I have never met a more thorough, diagnostically skilled, and compassionate doctor who is dedicated to his profession and to his patients.  He goes beyond the mechanical aspects of the tmj  and looks for the root cause of the problem; including any underlying disease processes that might be contributing to joint problems.  He is gracious, funny, and beyond smart.  I am honored to know him."

Sandi N.





Dr. Gottesman provides unique diagnostic services for patients with difficult and unusual TMJ problems.  The type of patients who would most benefit from my expertise are those with refractory pain despite conservative and/or surgical therapies for their temporomandibular joint(s) and the condylar resorption patient who, additionally, has developed a dentofacial bite deformity which can present as an anterior open bite (front teeth no longer meet) and their lower jaw has moved backward.

As a noted lecturer and author, I have developed an investigative approach to help both common and highly challenging patients obtain a diagnosis.  I have developed a sophisticated algorithmic protocol which affords me the best opportunity to establish underlying cause(s). I utilize blood tests, imaging studies and a very detailed health history questionnaire to reach a diagnosis.  At the root of these types of problems, are occasional serious illnesses.

Once I have determined that the patient has identifiable organic disease(s), they are referred to an appropriate medical specialist(s) for appropriate care.  Often, I am not involved in the actual therapeutic treatment of the patient.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a TMJ problem that fits this casual description, you should consider contacting me.  Patients within these categories comprise a heterogeneous population with complex illnesses.  I offer hope through diagnosis to those who have been suffering with non-diagnosed debilitating conditions.






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