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Dr. Gottesman is a renowned orofacial pain, TMJ disorder diagnostician and general dentist. At his dental office, you are always greeted with a warm welcome. We know our patients by name and we make it our business to learn about you. Your appointment time is respected and there is rarely any waiting time. We are very thorough in our efforts to ensure your dental health. Explanations are given in a way you can understand. Dr. Gottesman is a frequent lecturer. He has published articles in the dental literature and has contributed to authoritative book chapters. Dr. Gottesman attempts to find the root cause of your problem and the simplest approach to a solution. He recognizes that while many patients have similar symptoms and profiles, each patient is unique. His initiative is to help the patient as well as his fellow colleagues in establishing a new platform for diagnosis and treatment. It is with great enthusiasm that you are invited, as either a prospective patient or healthcare professional, to explore the content of this site as it is being developed. The goal of the website is to educate and create beneficial change. Your questions are welcome.

TMJ Symptoms

When You Suffer From Symptoms, Such as Joint Pain or Limited Mobility, Advanced TMJ Concepts Can Help.

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TMJ Treatment

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TMJ Concepts

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Based in Long Island. We Proudly Treat Patients Worldwide. For TMJ Consultation Please Call Our Office or Email Us.

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